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November 5, 2015
Breast-Feeding Guidelines: How

With many of us engaged in a constant battle of the bulge, the idea of being too thin makes us green with envy.

It’s not much fun, though, for people who are desperately trying to put on weight. It definitely isn’t something to be jealous of.

For people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight or are trying to gain weight, it can be a real challenge. Reasons for needing to gain weight include health issues, lack of appetite, fuelling sport, or just trying to overcome skinny genes.

There’s no real health problem with being skinny naturally. However, if you want or need to gain weight, do it the healthy way - which is not about stuffing your at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Calories count, but so do nutrients

Focus on to gain weight, because even though you have more leeway with, good is still paramount.

If you're underweight, aim to gain weight gradually until you're a weight that is healthy for your height and age.

It’s crucial that you gain weight the right way, not by eating chips, or cakes and other high- junk foods full of saturated fat and, or with fizzy drinks. These foods can increase your body fat instead of your lean body mass.

Instead, aim for three meals and several snacks a day and base your on principles.

Foods that pack a punch

Foods highest in calories and nutrients are those high in fat.. Plant fats from nuts, peanuts, , peanut butter, almond butter, avocados, hummus and oils are great sources of healthy fats loaded with nutrients and calories.

Animal fats provide nutrients and the same amount of calories as plant fats, but they also contain saturated fats, which can increase .

Drink high-calorie juices instead of water and choose high-calorie condiments, such as mayonnaise, thousand island, and caesar salad dressings.

Meal replacement drinks and smoothies are very convenient. Eat nuts by the handful or sprinkle them on top of soups, salads, cereal, desserts and casseroles for added protein, , healthy fat and calories. Granola, loaded with nuts and dried, is a concentrated source of nutritious calories, especially when eaten with full-fat Greek-style yogurt, which is higher in protein than milk?

Dried fruits are a concentrated source of calories that can be tossed on salads, yogurts, cereals, desserts and trail mixes or eaten alone.

Potatoes are a great vehicle for toppings. When you cook potatoes, add in flavoured oils, milk, cheese, chilli, vegetables and beans.

Top 10 Food to Gain Weight
Top 10 Food to Gain Weight
Too Skinny? Best Breakfast Foods To Gain Weight
Too Skinny? Best Breakfast Foods To Gain Weight
Foods To Gain Weight - Fast
Foods To Gain Weight - Fast

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