Build muscle mass fast

December 31, 2021
Best workouts to build muscle

Nobody wants to wait for results. You post a photo on Instagram, and you hope to see at least 100 "likes" within an hour. You keep up with your favorite team's results just by opening an app on your smart phone for play-by-play coverage. Even offers next-day delivery on orders to most of the United States.

With that sense of urgency in mind, I consulted with powerlifter-turned-bodybuilder and Dymatize athlete Geremy Satcher for his best tips on not just gaining muscle, but doing it in the fastest time possible. He provided his best "build muscle in a hurry" advice for those who simply don't have time to wait.

Substitute multijoint movements for isolation exercises.

Most workouts consist of a collection of multijoint and single-joint movements—say, presses and a fly movement in a single chest routine. The biggest difference between them is that multijoint exercises engage more muscle groups, allowing you to push heavier weights.

Because they recruit a large amount of muscle mass, multijoint exercises trigger a more significant hormone response than single-joint movements. In fact, workouts that stress a large amount of muscle mass tend to produce the greatest increases in both growth hormone and testosterone.1

Take a closer look at your workout. If you're doing more than one single-joint exercise for any body part (with calves, biceps, shoulders, and forearms being the exceptions), retool it by substituting more multijoint movements.

Because they recruit a large amount of muscle mass, multijoint exercises trigger a more significant hormone response than single-joint movements.

Challenge yourself in the gym and push outside your comfort zone.

A couple of years ago, I worked out with a younger guy who could do 80-pound dumbbell presses for eight reps. When I suggested he try the 90s, he insisted he couldn't handle those. I insisted, though, and he found out on the very next set that, in fact, he could handle them—and just not for eight reps. He actually did nine reps!

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How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast- Build Muscle Fast Tips
How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast- Build Muscle Fast Tips
Tricep Extension to Build Muscle Mass Fast
Tricep Extension to Build Muscle Mass Fast
How to build muscle mass fast?
How to build muscle mass fast?

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