Workout Schedule for Mens to build muscle

September 9, 2022
Workout schedule calendar

Your goals: to gain size and get lean in the few spare moments you have each day. The jumbo set makes it possible. It runs you through a series of bodybuilding exercises without rest, so you train muscles and raise your heart rate to get a fat-burning effect. Most important, you save time.

WORKOUT DAY ONE // Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Workout

Tempo Tip: 2-1-2

The tempo at which you should perform each rep: Take two seconds to lift the weight; hold the top for one second; then lower for two.

Increase the weight and rest periods as shown for each set.


10-12 30 sec.
8-10 60 sec.
6-8 90 sec.

< JUMBO SET 1 > *

Perform the three exercises back to back, resting only as long as you need to set up for the next exercise.

Incline Dumbbell Press
Front Raise

* Repeat the set once more. Then repeat again, but perform 6-8 reps per move and rest 90 seconds at the end.

< JUMBO SET 2 > *

Cable Crossover
Dumbbell Overhead Press

* Repeat the set once more, but perform 8-10 reps per move.

< JUMBO SET 3 > *

Incline Flye
Lateral Raise
Two-arm Kickback
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